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Works by Ayumi Ueyama
経験科学としての生成文法とCFJシステム (Generative Grammar as an Empirical Science and the CFJ System) (2005) has been removed since a revised version is available:

上山あゆみ (2006) 「経験科学としての生成文法—文法性と容認可能性—」, 九州大学言語学論集 25/26 (Ueyama, Ayumi (2006) "Generative Grammar as an Empirical Science---Grammaticality and Acceptability---", Kyushu University Papers in Linguistics, vol.25/26.)
Ayumi Ueyama's work on anaphora and scrambling is highly recommended. You can obtain her dissertation by contacting GSIL (Graduate Students in Linguistics, USC), or here.

Email: ayumi [at]
Home page: HP is in Japanese. For those who can read Japanese, I recommend the papers placed under "著書・論文 etc." there.)
Dissertation: Two Types of Dependency 1998 USC