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University of Southern California
Los Angeles, California 90089-1693
List of Publications
"Stripping and Sluicing in Japanese and Some Implications," (With Teruhiko Fukaya) (To appear) in Proceedings of the 18th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics.
Surface and Deep Anaphora, Sloppy Identity, and Experiments in Syntax. (2003) In Anaphora: A Reference Guide, eds. A. Barss, and T. Langendoen, Blackwell.
"Formal Dependency, Organization of Grammar and Japanese Demonstratives," (1998) in Japanese/Korean Linguistics 7, N. Akatsuka, H. Hoji, S. Iwasaki, S.-O. Sohn, and S. Strauss, eds., Center for the Study of Language and Information, Stanford., pp. 649-677.
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