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Los Angeles, California 90089-1693
Works by J.-R. Hayashishita
Hayashishita, J.-R. (2004) Syntactic and Non-Syntactic Scope, Doctoral Dissertation, University of Southern California. PDF ZIP
Hayashishita, J.-R. (2007) "Izyoo(ni) and Gurai comparatives: Comparisons of Deviation in Japanese," Gengo Kenkyu (The Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan) No. 132, pp.77-109. PDF
Hayashishita, J.-R. 2013. "On the Nature of Inverse Scope Readings," in Gengo Kenkyu (The Journal of the Linguistic Society of Japan), No.143: 29-68. PDF
JK 13 paper: "On Adnominal 'Focus-Sensitive' Particles in Japanese," (2008) (PDF)
(The conference was in 2003 but the volume was published in 2008.)
WCCFL 19 Paper: Scope Ambiguity and 'Scrambling' (PDF) 2000
More on Two Ways of Deriving Distributive Readings (PDF) 2000. In Japanese^Korean Linguistics vol. 9, CSLI Publications.
Hayashishita, J.-R. (1999) "Two Ways of Deriving Distributive Readings" PDF